ABOUT and Baldrige Foundation partnership

Committed to Health System Success

As a Mac Baldrige Society Trustee, ABOUT is committed to helping Health Systems pursue operational performance excellence. The ABOUT and Baldrige partnership is focused on bringing thought leadership on today’s most pressing issues in healthcare to health system leaders. The two organizations have a shared goal of supporting health system leaders with their growth strategies and operating as one system of care.

Podcast: Focus On Expanded Care Settings: Reimagining Patient Flow With Dave Willis

Webinar: Patient Throughput – Barriers and Solutions

Leader Dialogue is featured in the Journal of Performance Excellence for Broadcast Excellence

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Oconee Health Campus – A Model of Successful Outpatient Care Integration with Delena Brockmann
Co-Host Review: Patient Throughput and Production Science
Tackling The Crisis In Behavioral Health Access And Placement With Kenneth (K.C.) Johnson
Getting Ahead of Readmissions: Reducing Readmission Risk with Dr. Tricia Baird
Optimizing Care Orchestration – Overcoming Challenges On Access, Throughput, and Capacity with Dr. Derek Feuquay and Jake Lansburg
Creating And Managing A High-Performance, Clinically-Integrated Care Network With Mary Pat Olson
Demand And Capacity – Deciding Where A Patient Should Go With Gina Kidder, MSN, ACM-RN
Predicting and Managing Acute Care Demand and Throughput Process with Angie Franks ABOUT Healthcare
Managing Through Change: The Need For Innovation In Healthcare
Why You Need To Consider A Hospitalist-Based Leadership Structure With David Sailors, MD
Duane Reynolds And KaiLonnie Dunsmore
Managing Through Change With John Raffoul
Can Innovation Rescue Healthcare? With Ben Look and Mike Morin
A Roundtable Discussion On The Health System, Executive Management, Pandemic Challenges, And More!
Achieving Financial Stability and Resilience with Carol Burrell
Technology: Maximizing Your Systems to Accomplish Your Goals
Pragmatic Approaches Of Innovation In Healthcare With Dr. Jennifer Strahan
ProvInsure: Innovative Self-Insured Healthcare With Ashley Bacot
Responding To Hinge Moments With Dr. Michael Lindsay
Navigating The New Landscape: Innovation and Change Management in Health Systems
Optimizing Capacity & Throughput Angie Franks- ABOUT Healthcare CEO
Oak Street Health: Rebuilding Value-Based Healthcare with Dr. Julie Silverstein
The Disruption in Healthcare: How You Should Pivot and Adapt For The Future With Scott Nordlund
The State of Payvider Adoption in Our Current Healthcare System
Unlocking Top Performance And Creating Extraordinary Outcomes Through The Power Of Full Engagement With Jim Loehr
Leading a Healthcare Organization: Leadership Towards Providing Excellent Service with Phil Young
Learning From The Pandemic: How We Can Improve The Healthcare System Post-COVID With John Chessare
Understanding Challenging Trends For Health Systems And Hospitals
Achieving Systemness: Competitive Challenges
Achieving Systemness: Empathetic Automation Opportunities
Achieving Systemness: Coaching Opportunities
Achieving Systemness: Analyzing Gaps and Opportunities
Operating as One: Employee Empowerment and Seamless Handoffs
Operating as One: Leadership Development
Driving Clarity & Focus: The 12-Week Year
What’s Next: Stabilizing Revenue & Operations
How To Lead When You’re Not In Charge
Healthcare On Fire: A COVID Chronicle
Best Cost/Benefit Opportunities
Top Challenges To Overcome


The Leadership Challenge – Managing & Innovating Through Change
Technology: Maximizing your Systems to Accomplish Your Goals
Innovation, the New Transformation
Consumerism: The Payvider Faultline
Systemness: Moving from Disruption and Change to Optimal Performance
Systemness. Operating as One
What’s next? Effectively Navigate Workforce Challenges
Introducing ABOUT: A Baldridge Foundation Webinar
Burnout: The Cultural Impact of Staffing Mistrust
COVID-19 Lessons: Opportunity or Set-back?



Addressing the Burnout Challenge in Healthcare
Intelligent Healthcare Orchestration Can Reduce Burnout
Navigating Healthcare Change in the COVID Era
How To Cultivate Influence in Your Healthcare Organization
Technology Best Practices for Stabilizing Healthcare Revenue and Operations