April 25, 2023

Getting Ahead of Readmissions: Reducing Readmission Risk with Dr. Tricia Baird

Let’s face it: readmissions cost us not only dollars but time and human resources—all of which have taken a dent in the last few years. In this episode, Dr. Tricia Baird helps us get ahead of readmissions. Dr. Baird is the Vice President of Care Coordination at Corewell Health West, where she and her team published the paper “Reducing Readmission Risk Through Whole-Person Design.” The findings are based on practical steps she took to get some incredible results.


Dr. Baird shares what they found from their study, revealing the crucial role of educating patients to advocate for themselves. She also talks about overcoming disparity across the organization, employing a multidisciplinary team, and utilizing technologies. Tune in to learn about supporting your patients and getting them to their best possible outcomes.