June 29, 2022

Unlocking Top Performance And Creating Extraordinary Outcomes Through The Power Of Full Engagement With Jim Loehr

We are all actors, and the world is our stage. But we can’t expect to get our acts right without putting in the hard work. How do we reach our full potential? What is the real key to top performance?


In this episode of LeaderDialogue, sports psychologist Jim Loehr shares how he helps athletes achieve extraordinary performance beyond their expectations. He then shares insights on how investing your energy – which is often more crucial than the variable of time – can help you deliver outstanding performance.


In this 35-minute episode you’ll learn:

  • What performance psychology consists of and why it can apply to all of us (4:34)
  • Why the promise of time management is a flawed premise (10:14)
  • How to invest your energy into what’s critical (12:15)
  • What myelinating consists of and how it can help us to fulfill what we want to have in life (18:00)
  • Why the process of habituating wise decision making is so important (23:45)
  • How invaluable taking a pause can be to the learning process (27:30)


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