March 3, 2022

Achieving Systemness: Analyzing Gaps and Opportunities

In this episode of the Leader Dialogue podcasts the hosts talk to Conrad M. Vial, MD. Conrad is the Chief Clinical Officer with Sutter Health. He is a practicing cardiothoracic surgeon who has held various leadership roles in multi-specialty medical group practice and integrated healthcare delivery.
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Topics covered in today’s 30 minute episode include:

  • The specific themes the COVID-19 pandemic have caused Sutter Health to confront (4:35)
  • The journey of tech vs the journey of healthcare, how they’re similar, and what we can learn by comparing them (7:55)
  • Why health systems should look at physicians not only as critical partners, but also as customer (16:00)
  • How the pandemic has revealed the factors that drive satisfying and effective healthcare, and what they are (22:30)
  • Why IT and Digital functions should be closer to care giving areas of a health system than they historically have been (27:00)

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