February 15, 2022

Operating as One: Employee Empowerment and Seamless Handoffs

Two CNOs join the Leader Dialogue hosts from ABOUT and Baldrige to discuss clinical employee empowerment and how it can help health systems meet the moment we are in, and operate as one system of care.

This weeks guests are:

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What our guests see as the two biggest challenges facing their health systems right now 4:54
  • How the pandemic has accelerated a change in what clinical staff want to achieve in their careers 7:34
  • What Trinity Health did to help them keep their clinical staff from needing to go outside the organization to find career fulfillment 9:58
  • How Northwest Community Hospital built their pipeline of qualified and motivated staff for their critical care facilities even during the pandemic 13:24
  • Why critical thinking is such an important skill for the nursing profession 15:29
  • How the pandemic has disrupted the education of students hoping to start a nursing career and what can be done about it 17:50
  • Why Dr. Darin Vercillo believes experienced nursing staff are a vital part of operating a successful transfer center 20:35
  • How to keep the most experienced nursing staff engaged as they approach the end of their careers and utilize their knowledge and experience to train the next generation of nurses and clinicians 22:55

Lastly this episode discusses the upcoming ABOUT and Baldrige webinar on 22/Feb/2022 where you join Gay and Kim and the Leader Dialogue hosts, here more about creating systemness in healthcare, and submit your questions to the panel. Register for the webinar here.
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