It’s ABOUT the Right Care

Find the right care setting to meet patients’ needs with a purpose-built behavioral health placement solution.

Placing behavioral health patients

Whether accepting into your health system, or placing in specialized care, behavioral health patients need the right care setting and services. Health systems need a purpose-built solution to meet behavioral health needs, when patients need them most.


ABOUT enables health systems to drive operational efficiencies with behavioral health patients. We standardize patient transition logistics by streamlining the coordination of matching needs and condition to the optimal behavioral health provider and service. We efficiently transition patients to the best setting of care and improve patient outcomes.​

Drive operational efficiencies

Allow your clinicians to work at top of license and get behavioral health patients the services they need. Standardize behavioral health placement processes, technology, and reporting across care settings for longitudinal care coordination with ABOUT Behavioral Health Cloud.


Automate behavioral health placement steps and reduce the administrative burden of excess screens, phone calls, and faxes.

We’ve given case managers the ability cast a broad net electronically seeking a bed for a particular mental health patient to multiple sites all at the same time. That way they aren’t picking up the phone and calling these facilities individually or faxing back and forth.


CEO, HealthSource Integrated Solutions

Giving you the controls

Reduce administration workload

Automate placement steps, matching the appropriate level of care with behavioral health patients’ needs and condition.

Accelerate throughput

Transition patients out of the acute care setting to the best care setting to meet their needs.

Enhance the patient experience

Timely and complete communication between the health system and the ABOUT curated network of behavioral health care providers and a Patient Choice application.

Reduce length of stay

Streamline and automate steps of the behavioral health placement and transportation coordination process for successful placement.

Create more capacity

Become an economic engine for the health system. Accelerate throughput to open capacity, allowing your health system to meet and drive patient demand.

Facilitate transport

Eliminate inefficiencies with built-in, automated transportation coordination.

Comprehensive provider network

ABOUT curates provider networks, meaning verified, trained, and maintained nationwide behavioral health providers to augment client’s existing networks. This allows health systems to facilitate timely coordination of patient transitions out of the acute care setting.


The free and exceptional experience for behavioral health providers drives faster and higher acceptance rates. ABOUT is the only solution that identifies, secures, and onboards behavioral health providers to ensure quick response times and optimal placement.​

Hear from an ABOUT client tackling the crisis in behavioral health access and placement

Partnership and expertise

You get more than an intelligent solution with ABOUT — you get experts committed to your success.


ABOUT partners with clients for the long-term. Throughout our partnership you have a dedicated client team with experts in change management, provider engagement, and clinical best practices. Partners get more than mere insights, they get the know-how to produce results.

Standardize across care settings

ABOUT enables your health system to operate as one and send, track, and optimize behavioral health placement processes from one platform, across multiple settings of care.

Understand how our solutions can help you succeed

ABOUT Orchestration Engine

At the core of our solution, is a centralized and predictive Orchestration Engine.

Standardize and streamline patient transition operations and logistics across the health system with the Orchestration Engine, a SaaS platform that enables health systems to efficiently facilitate, track, and optimize transitions of care, regardless of care setting.

Decision Support with analytics and reporting

Reporting from disparate data

ABOUT makes your data useful and actionable through reporting and real-time dashboards.

With analytics and actionable insights

We help identify trends, provide insights, and advise on best practices to improve performance. Gain actionable insights into how your access center is performing with the right information at the right time.

Laddering up to decision support

Understand your data and leverage actionable insights to drive health system strategies and systemwide decisions with a focus on growth, operational efficiencies, and clinical outcome.

Learn how our suite of solutions work for you

Acute Patient Transfers

Take control of patient demand by opening a new front door to acute care.


Connect to schedules, resources, beds, omnichannel communication, and transportation tools.

Post-Acute Patient Discharges

Accelerate throughput and transition patients to the next care setting.