It’s ABOUT Care Orchestration

Connecting people, data, workflows, and systems to improve outcomes and enable more coordinated care.

Our suite of solutions streamlines access into, through, and beyond your health system.

Success in today’s distributed networks of care relies on intelligent Care Orchestration solutions across the full continuum. ABOUT streamlines every step of patient transitions into hospitals and beyond—whether skilled nursing, rehab, behavioral health, or home care. The result: More patients referred and retained to grow your health system. 

Care Orchestration as it should be

Today, health systems must proactively plan and operationally organize to take control of three key levers: demand, capacity, and throughput. To get control of the three levers of demand, capacity, and throughput, you need to deliver Care Orchestration as it should be, continually facilitating the patient journey to the next best setting of care. Care Orchestration, when executed successfully, delivers a unified patient, clinician, and operational experience.


ABOUT provides end-to-end Care Orchestration, connecting the people, data, processes, and technology that facilitate patient transitions into the acute care setting on the front-end with transitions out to the next best setting of care on the back end, providing the controls and visibility to effectively distribute demand across the ecosystem. 

Go from hours to minutes

Every patient journey is different. But they all have something in common. A human being who needs the right care without delay. Right now, a single patient transfer can take up to six hours – but that’s about to change. 


ABOUT solutions empower health systems to operate as one connected network of care – efficiently moving patients into and out of acute care settings. Through our proven process, software suite, and clinical expertise, we help you orchestrate care to drive operational efficiencies and improve patient outcomes. 


Together, we can connect those in need to those who heal, faster. 

time comparison between using ABOUT or alternatives
Enabling Care Orchestration

Enabling Care Orchestration

ABOUT offers a purpose-built SaaS platform that is interoperable, provides controls and visibility over acute transfers and discharges, and gives comprehensive reporting and analytics across the entire care continuum. We pride ourselves in being strategic partners with deep clinical experience who are committed to the health system’s success. All with the backing of our curated provider network that holds over 57k+ verified, trained, and maintained providers.

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ABOUT Delivers Predictable, Measurable, and Attributable Results

ABOUT offers actionable insights and pulls together disparate data to deliver comprehensive reporting, dashboards, and analytics unlike any other solution. See beyond the four walls of your health system, beyond the patient and bed records, and across your data sources to drive situational awareness. Providing you a sole source to manage and track care transitions, performance, and support data-driven strategic and operational decisions. 

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Help your clinical teams care for people by taking administrative burdens off their plate.

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Enable your health system to operate as one with seamless care coordination.

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Future-proof your health system to grow with resilience.