May 24, 2022

Learning From The Pandemic: How We Can Improve The Healthcare System Post-COVID With John Chessare

The recent pandemic exposed the many flaws in the current healthcare system. Now, how do we deal with these realizations post-COVID? Do we just go back to how things were? Or, do we re-design care for the better?


Here to discuss this in depth is John Chessare, the President and CEO of Greater Baltimore HealthCare System and Health Corporation (GBMC). He joins Roger Spoelman together with co-hosts Ben Sawyer and Dr. Darin Vercillo to chat about the problems that arose during the pandemic and what GBMC did to mediate and do better amidst the adversity. Tune in to find out how they’re adapting patient-centered care post-pandemic and challenging the healthcare system to be more accessible.

In this 32 minute episode you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important that a healthcare system must actually be perceived as a system by the community (15:00)
  • Why John Chessare believes Advanced Primary Care is so important and what the biggest obstacle is (17:40)
  • The potential for health systems to fall into providing services that don’t align with their mission (21:50)
  • How health systems can better spend the money that is already being spent and gain more longer term health benefits (26:50)
  • Details of the upcoming Leader Dialogue Virtual Executive Roundtable on Systemness: Moving from Disruption and Change to Optimal Performance, June 14th at 1pm

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