September 13, 2022

Navigating The New Landscape: Innovation and Change Management in Health Systems

Every health system leader has unprecedented executive management challenges facing their organization in the wake of the pandemic.


In this episode, we invite Paul Keckley to share his insights on trends regarding change innovation and change management. Paul is dubbed The Healthcare Expert and is a trusted advisor on upcoming trends in the industry. He is the Principal of The Keckley Group, a research and advisory practice focused on health industry trends, policy issues, and growth strategies.


Today, he highlights a significant shift in how businesses approach the healthcare system. What motivates employers to continually subsidize the healthcare economy? How should we adapt and navigate this shift in the industry? Find out by tuning in to this episode and get valuable information and the unvarnished truth from Paul.


In this 40-minute episode you’ll learn about:

  • Current key trends for big businesses and how this will change the way they approach healthcare (5:38)
  • How this new way of thinking will impact health systems (9:30)
  • How the role of third-party insurance companies is becoming compromised due to shifts in beliefs of mid-size to large employers (16:17)
  • How health system leaders can respond and adapt to this new landscape to remain relevant in a world of innovation and change (23:25)
  • The importance of choosing the right leading indicators vs lagging indicators to assess how health systems can best manage the external market at hand (30:12)


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