November 21, 2022

Technology: Maximizing Your Systems to Accomplish Your Goals

Dan Mullen, VP of Innovation in Analytics at ABOUT Healthcare, recently joined the Leader Dialogue co-hosts for the latest podcast, Technology: Maximizing Your Systems to Accomplish Your Goals.


According to an October report from Health Affairs, “Healthcare systems are on track for their worst financial year in decades.” Margins have plummeted, labor expenses continue to climb, outpatient activity has dropped. Inpatient capacity and throughput have become even more challenging to manage, due in part to higher levels of patient acuity and post-acute placement delays. Now more than ever, healthcare organizations require accurate and real-time performance information and a technology platform that effectively supports efficient workflow processes and handoffs.


Dan is responsible for looking at an array of healthcare data and operational processes in health systems. He uncovers the best ways to leverage data within systems to improve processes, patient care experience, and financial performance. During this episode, Dan will share his perspective and insights, providing practical suggestions for health system leaders.


In this 36-minute episode you’ll learn about:

  • How health system leaders can home in on data to take control of three key levers: demand, capacity, and throughput (9:17)
  • Which key performance indicators health system leaders should keep an eye on in the areas of demand, capacity, and throughput (12:48)
  • Dan’s perspective on whether health systems have pre-existing tools at their disposal to extract this information (17:15)
  • Dan’s three tier approach to managing and extracting patient flow data including which key players are needed to make this successful (23:00)
  • How quickly health systems might see measurable results when following the above approaches (29:52)

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