It’s ABOUT Acute Patients

Move acute patients into and across your health system with technology to improve transfer speed, ease, and consistency.

Acute patient transfers

Open the front door to acute care through a referral channel — meaning referrals from physicians, other health systems, community and rural hospitals, post-acute facilities, and physician practices — making it so easy that you become the first call for acute transfer needs and ultimately drive more loyalty.


We standardize patient transition logistics to the optimal care setting, load balancing, and distributing demand across service lines and facilities, and achieve the right patient mix. Additionally, ABOUT facilitates transportation coordination into your health system to efficiently transition patients to the best setting of care.

Rethink transferring patients

Connect people, data, processes, and technology
Facilitate patient transfers with the controls and visibility to effectively distribute patient demand across your health system


Enhance referring provider satisfaction
Facilitate a frictionless experience to retain demand and capture market share among the physician community.


Improve transfer times and optimize capacity
Enable care team collaboration through omnichannel communication tools, standardized processes, and concierge-level services.

With ABOUT we got a one-stop shop for the technology and expertise we needed to successfully stand up our transfer center.


Vice President Mobile Health, RWJBarnabas Health

Giving you the controls

Efficient patient transfers

Virtually centralized enablement, management, and automation of all aspects of patient transfer, including external and interfacility transfers and referrals.

Accept more patients

Match patients with the right care, in the right location, without delay. Distribute patient demand across available capacity and load balance across the health system.

Service line growth

Support service line strategies by streamlining transfers and driving the right patients to your health system. Monitor referral sources and service line trends to support your strategy.

Agnostic interoperability

Integrations with critical data sources and systems, including EHRs, ADT, CC&C platforms, CAD systems, and call recording.

Streamlined workflows & user experience

Efficient, easy-to-use interface and workflows, including pre-populated fields and the ability to perform tasks all from one screen, while working multiple records at once.

Omnichannel communication 

Digital communication tools, such as transfer request portals and secure messaging, to eliminate phone calls and expedite transfers.

Go from hours to minutes

Every patient journey is different. But they all have something in common. A human being who needs the right care without delay. Right now, a single patient transfer can take up to six hours – but that’s about to change. 


ABOUT solutions empower health systems to operate as one connected network of care – efficiently moving patients into and out of acute care settings. Through our proven process, software suite, and clinical expertise, we help you orchestrate care to drive operational efficiencies and improve patient outcomes. 


Together, we can connect those in need to those who heal, faster. 

Interoperable with existing systems

ABOUT gives health systems the ability to leverage and augment existing data and systems—including multiple EHRs—helping health systems get the most out of their current IT investments.


The ABOUT Orchestration Engine Integration Hub connects with agnostic interfaces and integrations, including EHRs, multiple, disparate EHRs, call recording, computer aided dispatch systems, and other HIT systems.

Realize ROI faster with care orchestration experts at your side

It’s the path to growth: Earn the loyalty of referring physicians and facilities through easy, safe, and fast transfers to the most appropriate acute, urgent, post-acute, and behavioral care. To help you get there, our team of experts analyzes your system, assessing your performance and data to identify areas for improvement. Then we provide you with 360-degree visibility across your network so that you never miss an opportunity.

Understand how our solutions can help you succeed

ABOUT Orchestration Engine

At the core of our solution, is a centralized and predictive Orchestration Engine.

Standardize and streamline patient transition operations and logistics across the health system with the Orchestration Engine, a SaaS platform that enables health systems to efficiently facilitate, track, and optimize transitions of care, regardless of care setting.

Decision support with analytics and reporting

Reporting from disparate data

ABOUT makes your data useful and actionable through reporting and real-time dashboards.

With analytics and actionable insights

We help identify trends, provide insights, and advise on best practices to improve performance. Gain actionable insights into how your access center is performing with the right information at the right time.

Laddering up to decision support

Understand your data and leverage actionable insights to drive health system strategies and systemwide decisions with a focus on growth, operational efficiencies, and clinical outcome.

Learn how our suite of solutions work for you

Behavioral Health Placements

Place patients in the appropriate care setting.

Add-on Capabilities

Connect to schedules, resources, beds, omnichannel communication, and transportation tools.

Post-Acute Patient Discharges

Accelerate throughput and transition patients to the next care setting.