Optimizing Capacity & Throughput Angie Franks- ABOUT Healthcare CEO

Every health system leader has unprecedented executive management challenges facing their organization in the wake of the pandemic. With COVID-19 changing the healthcare system we know, everyone should take a breath and start optimizing capacity and throughput.

Angie Franks, CEO of ABOUT Healthcare, discusses how leaders must significantly restructure operations to keep meeting the unpredictable demands of patient transitions. She explains the best way to take in new patients without sacrificing your revenue and resources. Angie also talks about why leaders should give more attention to new and innovative processes instead of jumping back to old blueprints that are now ineffective in a pandemic-hit world.

In this 40-minute episode you’ll learn:

  • What Angie believes needs to be done as health systems attempt to transition from crisis-mode to existential-crisis-mode following the brunt of the pandemic (5:49)
  • How levers of demand, capacity, and throughput are all related, especially post-pandemic, and can drive margin when optimized collectively (10:08)
  • Why health systems should lock in on what they do best – acute and complex care – to differentiate and proactively grow their revenue (19:43)
  • How RWJBarnabas Health, New Jersey’s largest health system, has been able to take control of getting the right patients into their health system and utilizing their resources most effectively via the ABOUT solution (27:00)
  • Where EMR/EHRs fall short in aiding health system growth due to missed opportunities getting patients into a health system at the right time (31:23)
  • How ABOUT can leverage and work with, rather than against, existing technology investments that health systems are using currently (34:55)

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