August 2, 2022

The Disruption in Healthcare: How You Should Pivot and Adapt For The Future With Scott Nordlund

Every health system leader has unprecedented executive management challenges facing their organization in the wake of the pandemic. This disruption in healthcare has necessitated a transformation in the landscape to make it more convenient and ultimately safer for customers.
This episode’s guest is Scott Nordlund, the Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Banner Health. He discusses how the pandemic has impacted the healthcare system and offers creative solutions for companies to adapt and pivot for the future. There is no post-pandemic or “back to normal” because these changes will remain as the industry evolves. Tune in to learn how you can stay competitive and relevant in the market as we move into a new era of healthcare.
In this 33-minute episode you’ll learn:

  • How to address the loss of revenue that health systems incurred during the thick of the pandemic (5:31)
  • Why Banner believes that the payvider model will benefit them into the future (9:57)
  • How the payvider space can be tricky to enter if not done correctly (12:45)
  • How to navigate the differing goals of payors vs. providers and combine the two gracefully when appropriate (16:01)
  • How to get referrals to the right place at the right time with the interwoven goals of helping patients + capitalizing on the business at hand (21:16)
  • The importance of deciding where you’re going to compete versus where you’re going to partner (25:24)

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