It’s ABOUT Operating as One System

Orchestrate access, balance capacity across facilities, and enable your health system to operate as one system of care with expanded solutions.

Bed management systems put beds at the center, EHRs put the record at the center. We capture information about the movement of the patient in real-time, throughout the entire patient journey.


We uniquely collect information not consolidated anywhere else, and utilize that information to create a better patient experience, more efficient operations, and better financial results.

Everything we build has one purpose in mind – to empower health systems to operate as one connected network of care and enable clinicians to easily transition patients across care settings.

Interoperable with existing systems

ABOUT gives health systems the ability to leverage and augment existing data and systems—including multiple EHRs—helping health systems get the most out of their current IT investments.


The ABOUT Orchestration Engine Integration Hub connects agnostic interfaces and integrations, including multiple EHRs, call recording, computer aided dispatch systems, and other HIT systems.

Bed Visibility

Bed Visibility provides an at-a-glance view of staffed beds across the entire system and levels of care in real time to quickly identify an appropriate and available bed. Eliminate phone calls and phone tag by quickly identifying open beds and the right level of care without the need to sign into a bed management system.

Online Transfer Request

Online Transfer Request allows internal clinicians to request transfers and notify agents online to eliminate phone calls and decrease patient transfer times. Enable quick and easy transfer requests, reduce data entry time and increase accuracy, accelerate transfer acceptance, and drive clinician and care team satisfaction.

Intelligent Transport

Intelligent Transport offers emergent and non-emergent transport coordination with real-time tracking and geo-fencing so you know exactly where the patient is in their journey to or from the care setting. Shave 15-20 minutes per patient by electronically coordinating transportation. Access data to see who gives you the best service, picks up on time, and more.

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging empowers care teams with efficient collaboration to quickly transfer patients for improved outcomes. Increase productivity by eliminating excess phone calls/tag, documentation, and transcription. Improve accuracy with secure, encrypted messaging and transcription seamlessly integrated within case records. Empower care teams with integrated messaging to reduce cognitive load, stress, and workload.

On-Call Scheduling

On-Call Scheduling provides centralized provider scheduling and calendar data. You can’t complete a transfer without locating the right physician to accept the patient. Avoid unnecessary care delays. Accelerate provider acceptance rates, so patient transfer delays never occur because you can’t identify or locate the on-call physician.


ABOUT backs technology with partnership by becoming a trusted advisor to ensure your health systems’ success.

ABOUT partners with you for the long-term. We share success and promise measurable and repeatable results by offering a gainshare model with a guarantee; we tie our outcomes to your outcomes.​


Our committed partnership includes real-time and ongoing insights from our Care Orchestration experts. This consists of ongoing live support, a dedicated enterprise client team, admin and user training, quarterly business reviews, and continuous improvement planning.

Understand how our solutions can help you succeed

Integration hub

This includes streamlined workflows and easy-to-use interface drive efficiencies, including the ability to perform all transition tasks from one platform.


Seamless integrations with critical data sources and systems, including EHR, ADT, CC&C platforms, CAD systems, and call recording help you get more out of existing resources.


Orchestration Engine Integrations & Interfaces:

  • Patient Information Integration
  • Physician Credentialing Integration
  • Pre-Registration Data Integration
  • Patient Clinical Documentation via Direct Messaging
  • Call Recording Integration
  • Bed Management
  • Admission/Discharge Transfer (ADT)

Insights from the experts at ABOUT

Secure Messaging: Learn about our quick, easy, and secure messaging integrated into our Orchestration Engine

Care Orchestration: Reimagining patient flow and improving healthcare operations

On-Call Scheduling: Learn about our centralized physician and provider scheduling data that is visible to your entire health system

ABOUT Orchestration Engine

At the core of our solution, is a centralized and predictive Orchestration Engine.

Standardize and streamline patient transition operations and logistics across the health system with the Orchestration Engine, a SaaS platform that enables health systems to efficiently facilitate, track, and optimize transitions of care, regardless of care setting.

Decision support with analytics and reporting

Reporting from disparate data

ABOUT makes your data useful and actionable through reporting and real-time dashboards.

With analytics and actionable insights

We help identify trends, provide insights, and advise on best practices to improve performance. Gain actionable insights into how your access center is performing with the right information at the right time.

Laddering up to decision support

Understand your data and leverage actionable insights to drive health system strategies and systemwide decisions with a focus on growth, operational efficiencies, and clinical outcome.

How our suite of solutions work for you

Acute Patient Transfers

Take control of patient demand by opening a new front door to acute care.

Behavioral Health Placements

Place patients in the appropriate care setting.

Post-Acute Patient Discharges

Accelerate throughput and transition patients to the next care setting.