November 29, 2022

Achieving Financial Stability and Resilience with Carol Burrell

In times of crisis, keeping financial stability and building resiliency are challenging tasks indeed. The healthcare industry faced these obstacles due to COVID-19, calling for huge structural adjustments.


In the latest Leader Dialogue podcast episode, Dr. Chuck Peck and Ben Sawyer sit down with Carol Burrell, CEO and President of the Northeast Georgia Health System, to share how they survived the pandemic by implementing several strategic changes in their team. Carol breaks down her four-tiered notification system that addresses patient concerns – even before the lunch hour. She explains how this strategy proved useful in their success, all while keeping their operations aligned with the organization’s core values and overall vision.


In this 39-minute episode you’ll learn about:

  • How Carol has kept her teams engaged and focused throughout the pandemic (7:00)
  • How Carol upholds her health system’s core values and vision amidst trying times (9:00)
  • Which operational and strategic changes Carol has implemented at Northeast Georgia for the health system to remain successful overtime (16:34)
  • How Carol has continued to recruit and retain top talent during times of employee burnout and high turnover (18:59)
  • Northeast Georgia’s four-tiered notification system and how it works (23:07)


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