January 18, 2022

Driving Clarity & Focus: The 12-week Year

“Driving Clarity & Focus: The 12-week Year”, how a change in mindset and operations contributed to a health system’s $100 million turnaround. This week’s guests are Dan Isacksen, Trinity’s CFO, and Brian Moran, author of the book “The 12 Week Year”


In this episode of Leader Dialogue, discover how Dan Isacksen and his team achieved a $100 million turnaround at Loyola University Health System by applying the principles of The 12 Week Year.


Learn how annualized thinking can cause people to put off taking action, how the Loyola team made the problem personal, and hear directly from Brian Moran, the author of The 12 Week Year what he thought of their success and how you can benefit from the same principles.


Key points discussed in this episode include:

  • The number one thing holding organizations back, according to Brian Moran (4:30)
  • The challenges Dan and his team were facing at Loyola (10:55)
  • Why it’s important to share results across the whole organization (16:30)
  • How Dan built an emotional connection between the team and the work (23:00)
  • The results they achieved (28:00)

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