December 20, 2021

Healthcare on Fire: A COVID Chronicle

LeaderDialogue hosts talk with guest J. Daniel Beckham, founder and president of the Beckham Company, about his most recent monograph, Healthcare on Fire: A COVID Chronicle.

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Three key observations:

  1. Change has changed. It requires a new leadership mindset prepared for frequent and disruptive crises. COVID has demanded that kind of mindset and is preparing leaders for the future.
  2. COVID has upended the status-quo, opening the way for fundamental transformation, restored purpose, and trust. Healthcare is broken because of fragmentation, the inability of caregivers to do work they regard as meaningful, and a lack of trust between medicine and management.
  3. The delivery of healthcare is moving from concentrated to distributed. In the past, healthcare delivery has been concentrated on hospital campuses. It is moving towards care delivered by a variety of providers widely distributed geographically. “Megabrand Assemblers” and their platforms will become essential hubs of value in healthcare. Amazon is a Megabrand Assembler with designs on healthcare. Mayo is positioning itself to be a Megabrand Assembler. The core competence of Megabrand Assembler in healthcare will be connecting consumers with the care they need, when they need it and where they need it.

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