February 2, 2022

Operating as One: Leadership Development

Operating as One: Leadership Development: Russ Hill, author of Decide to Lead and The Great Resignation joins the Leader Dialogue podcast to discuss the critical attributes leaders need most of all in today’s challenging healthcare environment.


In this 30 minute episode Russ talks about the specific leadership challenges facing healthcare systems today, how these have changed during the covid pandemic, and how they will evolve in the post covid landscape.


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In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • The surprising incident that started Russ off on his leadership coaching journey (4:50)
  • How leaders can re-engage healthcare employees (4:00)
  • What it really means to listen to your people, and how to do it effectively (12:35)
  • Russ’s advice on how to ask for and interpret feedback from physicians and why this is essential to achieve successful change (23:15)
  • The number cause of culture problems in health systems (24:13)
  • The top three things that stand in the way of leaders reaching their people (26:35)
We always coach leaders in times when it gets tough, and it’s tough now in healthcare, it’s about transparency and empathy, nothing matters more.
Russ Hill Leadership coach, author of Decide to Lead

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