June 14, 2022

Leading a Healthcare Organization: Leadership Towards Providing Excellent Service with Phil Young

We can’t avoid challenges in our personal and professional lives. What’s important is we know how to deal with them.


In this episode, Phil Young, CEO of Northeast Baptist Hospital, shares effective leadership of a healthcare organization providing better service to those they serve via the right culture and vision. Through Phil’s ideas, they were able to better manage the pandemic. Find out about his organization’s ongoing activities and programs that enable them to work towards their vision. How are they coping with the different challenges they face, including the pandemic? It’s not an easy task, and we can learn a lot in this episode!


In this 32-minute episode you’ll learn:

  • Three ideas that Phil actively practices to bring value to an organization (3:44)
  • The importance of delivering value to those who seek our services and how to go about this (6:25)
  • How concepts from the book The Butterfly Effect can be applied to the way in which a business operates culturally (11:50)
  • Why it’s crucial to understand shifts in capacity and demand at the system level in “as close to real-time as possible” (19:30)
  • How the data mentioned above can support decisions around staffing priorities and load balancing during these challenging times (20:50)
  • Why Phil believes that “If your thinking causes you to do what everybody else is doing, you’re merely contributing to the average over time.”


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