August 29, 2022

ABOUT & Baldrige Institute Webinar: Consumerism, The Payvider Faultline

This webinar discusses current consumerism trends, and how providers and payors have been positioning their services to gain market share and to curate the consumer experience. Practical considerations and suggestions are provided from which all health care leaders can benefit.
In the payvider model, providers and payors work together via joint venture arrangements to provide consumers with the best possible care. By focusing on the consumer, payviders are able to gain market share and strengthen the consumer experience. This model can be beneficial for both providers and payors, as it allows them to focus on their core competencies. Payviders are able to provide consumers with the best possible care by leveraging the strengths of both providers and payors. If done right, this model holds promise for all parties.
Joining the ABOUT and Baldrige Leader Dialogue team for this webinar is Dennis Butts. He is a Partner at Guidehouse where he leads the Health Strategy and Innovation Center.
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