March 14, 2023

Demand And Capacity – Deciding Where A Patient Should Go With Gina Kidder, MSN, ACM-RN

One of the vexing problems we see today is deciding where a patient should go, especially with reduced hospital and post-acute capacity. Gina Kidder, MSN, ACM-RN, dives into this mismatch between demand, capacity, and throughput in this episode.


Gina share insights from more than 30 years of experience in healthcare across nursing, HCIT implementations, and Care Management. She brings her expertise on care orchestration and patient transitions to help us navigate this issue affecting how patients receive the right and proper care.


Following the theme on Taking Control of Throughput, Gina talks about using data and technology to create better strategies and decisions. Join Gina along with Dr. Chuck Peck, Ben Sawyer, and Darin Vercillo to learn more on improving patient care in this conversation.


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