January 4, 2022

What’s Next: Stabilizing Revenue & Operations

On this episode of “LeaderDialogue Radio“, the panel is joined by the President and EVP at Southern New Hampshire Health, Dr. Scott Wolf.


Dr. Wolf has been the NE Region Medical Director for Aetna, the CEO of Sisters of Providence health system in Springfield, MA, President of Lee Memorial Hospital in FL, and most recently President and EVP at Southern New Hampshire Health. Dr. Wolf has extensive experience in leading health system operational transformations, and will share from his experience keen insights as to how to best stabilize revenue and operations during these difficult times.


Key points discussed in this episode include:

  • Utilizing people to their top of license in this difficult time / Achieving optimal outcomes through people, process and technology (3:15)
  • Leveraging existing technologies to address staffing, revenue and operational issues (5:30)
  • Practical advice on analyzing technologies for your strategy (10:30)
  • Example of hospitals not acting as one system and what to do about it (15:15)
  • The potential of ’empathetic automation’ on providing care (18:30)
  • The role of centralized access centers to drive intelligent decision making (19:15)
  • How a system-wide view of capacity can facilitate great patient care (21:20)
  • Top ways to improve access to patients (23:30)

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