April 5, 2022

Achieving Systemness: Empathetic Automation Opportunities

In this episode of Leader Dialogue podcast, the hosts interview Dr. Apurv Gupta MD, MPH. Dr. Gupta talks about how empathetic automation can help to address clinical workforce overload and shortages. Dr. Gupta shares his perspective and insights on this important topic, providing practical suggestions that can be applied immediately.
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In this 30 episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Dr. Gupta believe EMRs create distance between clinicians and administrators, and between clinicians and patients (5:40)
  • Why he came up with the idea of empathetic automation (7:55)
  • What Dr. Gupta means by automation, and why he believes it can help with the non-clinical tasks that take up 25-35% of the average clinicians day (9:30)
  • What often happens when clinicians have to search around in an EMR for the information they need and why it’s a problem (15:10)
  • How empathetic automation can “by back the time” for a clinician, so they can focus on having a more meaningful encounter with their patient. (22:10)
  • Why empathetic automation, when done well, is not asking clinicians to “do something different”, but instead makes the work day a little bit lighter (26:30)
  • How the triggers for the transition of care could be automated to support the provider getting patients the next best level of care in a really efficient way (27:30)
  • Why an unexpected outcome from more empathetic automation can be positive impacts on physician burnout, and greater job satisfaction for clinicians (29:10)

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