March 7, 2023

Predicting and Managing Acute Care Demand and Throughput Process with Angie Franks ABOUT Healthcare

Angie Franks, CEO of ABOUT, recently sat down with Karen Jagoda of the Empowered Patient Podcast to discuss how ABOUT partners with healthcare organizations to implement operational processes focusing on care orchestration technology that enables smoother patient transfers from acute to post-acute settings. Angie explains how the current process for seeking the next best care setting for patients is filled with friction because providers on the receiving end of a transfer request don’t always have the information needed to decide on whether to accept a patient.


“When we come in and help health systems put in place the right technology, what we’re doing is changing the workflow,” said Angie. “We put in place some best practices in terms of operational processes enabled by technology to structure a decision-making process so that the people that receive that call have all of the information they need to be able to make a decision and execute on that decision. This takes what can be a multi-hour process and turn that into something that is 15 to 30 minutes.”


Listen to Angie’s complete interview with the Empowered Patient Podcast here.