It’s ABOUT Resilience

ABOUT gives health systems the controls and visibility to drive demand, optimize capacity, and accelerate throughput.

Care orchestration solutions that deliver volume, capacity, and visibility

In a rapidly changing industry, the success of your health system relies on new paths to growth. By enabling transfers without delay to the right care setting, you become the first choice for referring physicians. With more than 5 million transfers under our belt, ABOUT streamlines access to hospitals and beyond so that health systems can grow with resilience.

Realize ROI faster with care orchestration experts at your side

It’s the path to growth: Earn the loyalty of referring physicians and facilities through easy, safe, and fast transfers to the most appropriate acute, urgent, post-acute, ambulatory, and behavioral care. To help you get there, our team of experts analyzes your system, assessing your performance and data to identify areas for improvement. Then we provide you with 360-degree visibility across your network so that you never miss an opportunity.

Interoperable platform for transfers and 360-degree visibility

The ABOUT solution delivers systemwide visibility to capacity, on-call scheduling, easy transport requests, and real-time decision support. With the ABOUT real-time dashboards, you can harness meaningful data from within your integrated solution, including any EHR, to gain the insights to grow your revenue.

Software that orchestrates​ access to care

Our SaaS platform is built on a secure, cloud infrastructure, so updates are automatic with​ zero downtime—critical when you’re working 24/7.


To get more out of existing resources and technology, you need purpose-built solutions, connected high-quality networks, and interoperability.


The ABOUT Orchestration Suite is also​ designed to complement your existing IT investment, providing systemwide visibility and​ interoperability through integrations with critical patient data sources and core systems.​

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