May 10, 2022

US Healthcare: Understanding Challenging Trends For Health Systems And Hospitals With David Burik

The pandemic has undeniably intensified the changes in healthcare. Now that we’re coming out of it, what are the transformations we can expect, and how do we prepare for them?
In this episode, David Burik joins Dr. Charles (Chuck) Peck, Ben Sawyer, and Dr. Darin Vercillo to talk about the challenging trends in US healthcare for health systems and hospitals. David is a Guidehouse partner, leading the Center for Health Insights.

In this 35 minute episode you’ll learn:

  • Why volatility is a bigger challenge for health systems now than it was pre-covid and what that means when developing budgets (3:10)
  • Why looking at challenges in healthcare today through an enterprise risk management lens can be helpful to identify new opportunities for success (6:00)
  • Lack of digital investment isn’t a problem for most health systems, but getting those investments to work together to make care givers more efficient is a challenge (12:50)
  • Why you should look beyond the hospital when trying to use your command center to optimize efficiency in your care system (17:30)
  • Price Transparency accelerated during and after covid. Find out what this means for strategic planning in the future (25:10)
  • Strategic planning in healthcare used to be focused on bricks and mortar investments. Learn what is now taking it’s place (29:20)

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