January 17, 2023

Why Hospital Discharges Take So Long—And What We Can Do To Shorten Them

Patient transfers are among healthcare’s riskiest events, with potential for complications stemming from misunderstandings around multiple factors, such as the patient’s true medical state, medications the patient may be on or previously prescribed, and questions about where one provider’s responsibility begins and another’s ends. Discharging and transferring patients to the next best care setting can be far more streamlined through system-wide automation and seamless data sharing between entities. Maximizing these resources is how large, integrated health systems across the country are strategically navigating patients inside their network, which is crucial for achieving their clinical and financial goals.


In a recent article, ABOUT CMO and co-founder Dr. Darin Vercillo joins other healthcare leaders in discussing the complexities of patient discharges and how hospitals are re-evaluating their workflows to get patients out faster. Read the full article at Healthcare IT Today.