December 7, 2023

The Last Mile: How Hospitals Can Use Data For Better Care Orchestration and Patient Flow

The healthcare industry is grappling with a surge in data volume, accounting for approximately 30% of the world’s data. Despite this abundance, health systems struggle to effectively utilize data for performance improvement. The key lies in shifting from retrospective data analysis to prescriptive use, especially in optimizing care orchestration and patient flow.


The article, written by ABOUT Healthcare CEO Jonathan Shoemaker, emphasizes that hospitals facing staff shortages and rising costs can benefit from data-driven insights to streamline patient transfers, reduce transfer times, and enhance acceptance processes. This involves exploring models like Single Provider Acceptance (SPA) or auto-accept to minimize administrative steps and boost efficiency. Additionally, data analysis helps hospitals optimize transfer center performance, expand service lines, and improve post-acute discharge planning, ultimately increasing patient volumes and strengthening relationships with referring providers. By leveraging real-time, actionable data, healthcare systems can achieve better patient care delivery, evolve operations, and navigate the challenges posed by overwhelming data volumes.


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