January 18, 2023

Shortening Hospital Discharges: Technical and Workflow Solutions

One aspect of care delivery – patient flow – is in desperate need of process and technology updates across many health systems, and improving this critical phase can not only reduce the burden on providers, but also improve patient outcomes and increase margins. In a follow up to a previous article about the complex plans that go into the simple act of discharging a patient, healthcare leaders discussed the organizational and workflow measures that hospitals are taking to shorten discharge times and save money along the way.


Dr. Darin Vercillo, CMO and co-founder of ABOUT, says the same tech-enabled, centralized workflow models used to admit and transfer patients into acute care settings can be tapped to ensure prompt access to the appropriate level of care at every stage of the patient journey, most notably post-acute care. This smoother flow of patients not only promotes improved patient outcomes, but also maximizes hospital capacity and eases the burden on clinicians.


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