February 1, 2023

HIStalk Interviews Angie Franks, CEO, ABOUT

Health systems that operate in a siloed manner are feeling the costs of the inability to coordinate operations and share resources in the forms of compressed margins, frustrated staff, and suboptimal patient outcomes – particularly as care expands outside of traditional settings. In a recent interview with HIStalk, ABOUT CEO Angie Franks touches on how health systems must reimagine patient flow by more precisely operating the levers of demand, capacity, and throughput to measure and improve coordination across disparate settings. According to Franks, when they start thinking about care orchestration more holistically, they can then create the operational scale that will trigger better utilization of their resources and optimal patient outcomes.


“When you are making decisions about where a patient should go for the care that they need, how to get them there, choosing the best physician, and then executing on those logistics, you are pulling from data that is not in the EMR. You need information that is in a lot of systems. What we see is that hospitals have lots of silos. They don’t work well as a system of care when it comes to the operations and the logistics.” – Angie Franks, CEO of ABOUT


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