June 28, 2022

Five Tips for Attracting and Retaining an Engaged Workforce

Attracting and retaining healthcare team members both on the clinical and administrative sides is more daunting than ever before. According to a recent jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare sector had the 3rd most job openings of any industry in the country with more than 1.9 million openings. This is not surprising, considering 52% of healthcare workers report feeling burned out in their jobs.


While competitive pay and benefits are a given for any health system, building and retaining a truly engaged and loyal workforce requires cultural change. In an article for Healthcare Musings, ABOUT’s Vice President of Market Development Ben Sawyer discusses how creating a culture centered around the needs and achievements of the workforce will yield retention, and, as a result, improved experiences and outcomes for patients.


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Ben Sawyer, MBA, PT, OCS, LBB, VP of Market Development at ABOUT