February 25, 2022

ABOUT CMO Dr. Darin Vercillo shares 2022 Value Based Care Transformation Insights and Predictions

The Medical Group Management Association (mgma.com) recently asked 16 healthcare industry leaders, including ABOUT CMO Dr. Darin Vercillo, for their predictions on which industry innovations and advancements will arise in 2022 and help deliver value based transformation in healthcare.
Here’s what Dr. Vercillo had to say:

Add visibility on your provider resources
Healthcare organizations sometimes miss the value of what they could accomplish with a robust patient access and orchestration strategy. The way health IT can help ease access and care coordination issues is to create visibility across the entire organization, even across competitive systems, so health systems can better work together and load balance patients to the appropriate places. That said, answers are never found in IT alone, but with great processes and IT working alongside one another. Using best industry practices and technology together, health systems achieve greater insight into the physical resources across the organization, better communication flow and greater understanding of available provider resources. Addressing these core functions, all of which are central to the patient care journey is vital to optimizing access benefits to both patients and health systems alike.

Read Dr Vercillo’s quote, along with insights from other industry leaders at mgma.com

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