April 10, 2023

3 Critical Levers for Reimagining Patient Flow and Improving Care Orchestration

Historically, health systems have operated as a disparate collection of assets with an emphasis on its individual parts rather than sharing resources and operating the performance of the system holistically. Faced with a surge in patient demand all coming at one time, health systems’ inability to operate as a whole and utilize all resources became a substantial constraint and bottleneck to delivering care. Now, as we’re coming to a place of recovery, it is time to reexamine and reevaluate how health systems should operate and be structured to best serve their communities.


As ABOUT CEO Angie Franks outlines in a recent article for MedCity News, health system leaders realize they must reimagine patient flow and improve care orchestration by taking control of three key levers – demand, capacity, and throughput. From streamlining workflows and processing data more efficiently to enhancing communication between caregivers, enabling more collaborative and coordinated care expedites the patient journey, enhancing outcomes and improving the overall patient experience.


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