Arizona Health System Aims to Increase Referrals and Create Capacity with ABOUT as a Partner

Driving Demand and Optimizing Capacity for One of Arizona’s Largest Health Systems




Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) has a service area of over 50,000 square miles, making efficiently transferring patients into and out of its flagship hospital for complex, acute care a unique challenge. This was only exacerbated by COVID-19 and its aftermath, especially clinical staff shortages. NAH was able to overcome barriers to patient flow by examining every facet of the transfer and discharge process, including staffing, protocols, and technology. In partnership with ABOUT, NAH implemented end-to-end Care Orchestration as it should be—accelerating patient transfers and expediting post-acute placement, resulting in a 19% increase in transfer volume and up to a 25% decrease in ALOS. Read the full case study to see more results and how NAH found success and improved patient outcomes.

We had to devote time and resources to improving both demand and capacity. If we created capacity, but lacked a simple process for accepting patients, we’d lose money by having unfilled beds.

Derek Feuquay, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Northern Arizona Healthcare