December 4, 2020

Moving Patients In, Out, & Around the Health System: How Central Logic Is Transforming Care Transitions

The successful completion of our Ensocare acquisition seemed like the perfect time to re-introduce what we do and how we help hospitals and healthcare systems streamline operations, increase revenue and improve both provider and patient satisfaction.


Ensocare and Central Logic: Better Together

Managing complex patient transfers is a critical part of patient safety and experience. Unsuccessful patient transfers can limit revenue opportunity and, if left unmanaged, even foster negative patient outcomes resulting from unnecessary delays, avoidable days and hospital-acquired infections.

Clinical and even operational processes have, by tradition, not been able to fully address the friction that can arise from these transfers, particularly in regard to complex patients with very specific care needs. What’s more, these points of friction grow exponentially as volume itself grows. When experiencing a surge of patients, a tiny fracture within the patient transfer process can be magnified greatly (as we’ve seen with COVID), and each less-than-ideal patient handoff can add up to create a multitude of avoidable days and lost revenue over time.


Central Logic tackles this challenge by helping hospitals optimize (or, if necessary, create) their patient access centers. A well-run access center allows health systems to leverage all available resources and operate as ONE – meaning that they orchestrate the process of getting patients the appropriate level of care; they navigate the patient to the right setting for care (which includes handling all the logistics to make that happen); and ultimately they elevate not only the performance of the health system and its financial outcomes, but also the clinical outcomes, by ensuring that the patients get the care they need in the most efficient manner possible.


The term orchestra conjures images of a conductor coordinating the efforts of a group of people working in concert to produce something greater than the sum of its parts. In this scenario, the patient access center is that conductor. This is where all the data available from your EHR and various other systems coalesces. Central Logic brings systemwide visibility to previously siloed data, enabling the access center to standardize, control and execute on all patient transfer-related processes. Your clinical team, informed by the software and analytics available from Central Logic, is empowered to make decisions about the best and most efficient way to usher patients through their care journey.


By centralizing these decisions at the enterprise level and then following best practices to speed up patient transfers, Central Logic can help a health system improve clinical outcomes, eliminate revenue leakage and cut out the friction that mars an otherwise exceptional staff and patient experience. By bringing the concept of systemness to patient transfers, it’s possible to optimize what works and even iterate over the course of time, ensuring operation at peak performance no matter the outside challenges that arise.


Ensocare Fills In the Puzzle

By bringing Ensocare into the Central Logic fold, health systems will benefit from taking that same concept of orchestration and applying it to the patient’s transition to the post-acute setting.


We were impressed by how, with Ensocare, case managers and other members of patient transition teams can quickly and easily coordinate with post-acute care (PAC) providers to schedule successful discharges to external facilities. The interface Ensocare has in place truly makes this process seamless, ensuring patients and staff have the best experience possible even as hospitals benefit from avoiding unnecessary delays in discharge.


Ensocare’s solution, fully interoperable with Cerner, EPIC and other major EHRs, is a logical extension of what Central Logic has long done in acute settings with so many health systems. By bringing the Ensocare solution into the Central Logic ecosystem, we now broaden the areas of impact for our clients – helping them realize more of their strategic objectives, and providing the necessary controls to elevate revenue capture, drive down the cost of care and improve patient outcomes across the continuum of care.


This has profound implications for health systems. Patient access centers benefiting from the combined forces of Central Logic and Ensocare will be able to analyze, strategize and execute a patient’s movements from the moment they enter the health system’s ecosystem, to their transfer between departments, to discharge and beyond. They’ll be able to track that patient’s progress and continued recovery, and intervene when necessary to keep individuals on track and limit readmissions that can drag down the bottom line and put people at risk of severe complications.


In the coming weeks, we’ll continue sharing what the acquisition of Ensocare means for our customers and demonstrating just how powerful your patient access center can become with the array of resources you’re now able to tap into. We can help you gain unprecedented visibility into your organization’s operations; you’ll be able to use that visibility to achieve remarkable growth.


We hope you and your team are as excited about this as we are.