October 4, 2021

It’s ABOUT Time

Written by Angie Franks, Chief Executive Officer, ABOUT


It took 9 months for Operation Warp Speed to complete one of, if not, the most incredible achievements in speed to market for a vaccine. Extreme worldwide collaboration across the entire healthcare industry to create a new type of vaccine, to build the logistics and distribution channels and then coordinate and execute on a global stage. Patient lives were in the balance and time was not on our side.


ABOUT is a solutions company that empowers hospitals and health systems to operate as one connected network of care. Enabling easy access for clinicians to move patients into and out of the acute care setting – getting them to the next, best care setting faster and easier. Complemented by clinical experts and best practices, ABOUT provides health systems the necessary controls and insights to grow with resilience, drive clinician effectiveness, and improve patient outcomes.


Hospitals and health systems have many barriers preventing them from operating as a system of care. The pandemic proved to magnify the siloes. In NYC, hospital systems were unable to facilitate access, load balance, and deliver visibility & control of resources. And just like the pandemic spread, the cracks of hospital systems spread across the country under the weight of the pandemic. Other examples were emerging; where hospitals across the country sat empty while others were overwhelmed with demand, the inability to coordinate access to resources and orchestrate access to care impacted people’s lives.  This is simply unacceptable.


Our values guided us when the need presented. We used our determination, courage, and passion to help enable one of the most complex systems of care in the country. We enabled the Arizona Surge Line by connecting over 130 hospitals and health systems, across the entire state to load balance the surge in demand to ensure that every patient had access to care.


Over 900 hospitals, health systems and the VA are orchestrating access to care for their patients and members. Some are managing acute patient transfers, others are coordinating care to the appropriate post-acute site, some are leveraging our intelligent transportation engine for emergent and non-emergent transport. All are impacting patient lives.


In today’s world where technology abounds and healthcare delivery is more complex and distributed than ever before, it’s ABOUT time for a solution like ABOUT.  We’re starting a healthcare access movement… And we’re just getting started.