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Get referral patients to your facility, faster – at no cost.

Welcome to the ABOUT Provider Network

This site is for providers to learn more about receiving referrals for placement.


Solutions for sending referrals:

Ensocare Transition    |    Post-Acute Cloud


Solutions for receiving referrals:

Respond    |    Retrieve

Receive more referrals from health systems

Ensocare Respond and Retrieve products enable Health Systems to communicate directly with providers when preparing a patient for discharge. Health Systems using ABOUT solutions can quickly filter and find facilities meeting patient criteria, so providers can get patients that are easier to accept.  

No-cost and easy

Participation is always no-cost and easy. Simply log into the network and respond to referral requests.

Instructions for Providers

STEP 1: Log In

STEP 2: View Referrals
  • All active referrals are viewable on the Referral Listing Page.
  • If you have not responded to a referral request yet, the Latest Activity column will read “Referral Received.” Click on the patient’s name/MRN to view details, including clinical documents, and respond to referral requests.
    • Basic information for the patient is listed at the top of the Sending Response Page.
    • Within the Activity Log in the “Discharge Packet Attached” section, click on “Download.” This will open a PDF file to view/print the attached clinicals.
STEP 3: Send Responses
  • To respond to the request:
    • Click on “Add Response.”
    • Check the appropriate responses for “Yes”, “Considering” or “No.”
    • Once the response is selected, date or reason options will expand and you can select the options for your response
    • Send a message to the planner with your response by typing it into the “Note to Hospital” box.
    • Click “Send Response” to finalize your selection.
    • To revise your response, respond again with your updated answer.

Provider Tips

If you have notifications enabled, you will receive an email and/or text message notification when a referral has been sent to you. 

  • View the hospital referral by logging into the Respond Portal and respond online within 30 minutes of receipt. 
  • Upon receipt of “Yes” response, the discharge planner will contact you to finalize placement or service. 
  • A “Yes” response does not guarantee placement. 
  • A “Case Closed” notification will be sent to you via a text message/email when your facility is not chosen. 
  • A “Booked” notification will be sent to you via a text message/email when a patient has been placed with your facility. 

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